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What is a Time-Vault® Capsule?

A Time-Vault® Capsule contains a fully built and landscaped train set using digital technology that allows both manual to fully automatic computer control. Each Limited Edition consists of 25 capsules and is based on a theme and, within a themed edition, each Time-Vault train set is varied slightly to produce a truly unique train set...


The term Capsule refers to the overall design concept. The Time-Vault Capsule is a module that includes the components required for a fully functional digital train set ranging from people on the platforms to software on the supplied notebook computer. The Time-Vault Capsule can be stored by folding the main unit in half and the integrated legs can then be folded into the main chassis. Only a few of the larger buildings, together with the trains and rolling stock, need to be removed and stored in their custom case. The only other external parts (which are also stored in the custom case) are the hand controller, the power supply, and the notebook computer. Another feature of the design concept is that the system can be set up and the trains can be running within 15 to 20 minutes of starting.


Every aspect of the look and feel of the Time-Vault world has been carefully created with great attention to detail. Everything, from the gravelled-in tracks to the custom fencing, is professionally fitted and expertly finished, to produce the most life-like feel possible. (View Picture / Video Gallery)

Digital Technology.

The digital technology built into every Time-Vault Capsule train set is truly stunning. Little of the technology even existed a few years ago and even now this technology is generally only installed and used by the most knowledgeable and expert model train enthusiasts. The Time-Vault Capsule changes everything and places this advanced technology within reach.

A Time-Vault Capsules can operate a number of trains simultaneously (The First Edition can control 4 trains with rolling stock), together with other features such as points (21 on The First Edition) and occupancy zones (20 on The First Edition). The Lenz LZ100 hand controller which is usually standard, allows manual control and the Time-Vault team have also created several default schedules. However the RailRoad & Co® software that comes installed on the accompanying notebook computer allows the confident Track Master to create their own schedules and time tables. .

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