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Time-Vault® - First Edition Featuring the Hornby® Orient Express® Train.

The Time-Vault® Orient Express® Edition featuring the Hornby®Orient Express® train set is a strictly limited issue of 25 individually numbered sets.
The Orient Express Edition Capsule is finished in black and dark green the integrated legs have been finished in metallic silver giving the closed capsule a classic timeless feel which is in keeping with the timeless appeal of the Orient Express itself.
When the Time Vault capsule is opened and set up this will take between 15 to 20 minutes the timeless feel of the Orient Express Edition can truly be experienced. This edition has 4 trains, 2 shunting trains with assorted rolling stock, LNER Herring Gull with sound and the classic Orient Express itself. Both the Herring Gull and the Orient Express come with their own classic Pullman Coaches.
The surrounding Time Vault world is detailed and diverse. There are 2 passenger stations with 3 platforms. Platforms have lighting, waiting rooms, ticket offices, newsstands, white picket fences and passengers waiting for their train. The larger of the 2 station has a passenger bridge from one platform to the other as well as its own car park complete with vehicles, lighting and a level crossing.
Across from the station the goods yard is ready for action with 4 shunting tracks 2 train sheds 2 platforms and assortment of workman, boxes, cable drums and many other details waiting to be discovered.
Around the Time Vault world there are fields, trees, buildings, animals and people. Attention to details such as the pile of rusting rails in the goods yard and the gravelled-in track to moss growing at the base of building and lighting makes this an authentic classic.

As with all Time-Vault® Editions the Orient Express Capsule contains some of the most advance technology available including digital trains, 21 powered points and 20 occupancy zones. Schedules and time tables can be created and run from the supplied notebook and software or controlled from the Lenz LH100 hand set. 

Hornby®, Orient Express®, Time-Vault® are Registered Trademarks of Hornby Hobbies Plc. Orient Express Trains Plc. and Studio Lameek(Lameek Ltd) respectively.