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To secure and purchase your Time-Vault Capsule, you will need to pay a deposit. There is an average lead time of 30 days* for the Time-Vault team to build your personal capsule.

On receipt of your deposit, you will be sent a free DVD of a Time-Vault Capsule in action.

To reserve your Time-Vault Capsule please select the edition from the list below.

Coming Soon.....
The Flying Scotsman Edition
Steam Edition
Jessie James Edition

*30 Days under normal circumstances

  • Waiting at the Station
  • Model railway park
  • Time Vault in the park
  • In Car Park
  • Waiting in the sheds
  • Train set sheds
  • Trains in shunting yard
  • Shunting Engine
  • Modal Train Set Shunting Yard
  • Hard at work
  • Orient Express on curve
  • Orient Express on curve
  • Watching Hornby Herring Gull going by
  • Model train set Hornby Herring Gull
  • Time-Vault Onboard Video
  • Time-Vault Train Set Short Movie One
  • Time-Vault Train Set Short Movie One
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