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Become the Track Master of the “Train Set With a Difference”

Time - Vault track side building
Each numbered TIME-VAULT® capsule encloses a unique and exclusive “ready to go” model train set with state of the art computer control allowing you to program the four different trains included in the capsule.

Time-Vault model train sets have been designed to be a collector’s item, both for the enjoyment of the enthusiast and for the deserving person who has everything except the model train set that they have always
Time-Vault End of the line buffers
dreamed of.

Time-Vault model train sets are hand-built in England by highly skilled engineers using the best quality materials in order to produce the highest quality and most desirable model train set of it's type available on the market.

For a more detailed description and a full technical specification please visit our Time-Vault Capsule Page:

  • Waiting at the Station
  • Model railway park
  • Time Vault in the park
  • In Car Park
  • Waiting in the sheds
  • Train set sheds
  • Trains in shunting yard
  • Shunting Engine
  • Modal Train Set Shunting Yard
  • Hard at work
  • Orient Express on curve
  • Orient Express on curve
  • Watching Hornby Herring Gull going by
  • Model train set Hornby Herring Gull
  • Time-Vault Onboard Video
  • Time-Vault Train Set Short Movie One
  • Time-Vault Train Set Short Movie One